Dr. Cecilia Checking eyes for Lasik

Lasik Eye Surgery increased in popularity as a long-term remedy for vision problems. According to various sources, Lasik eye surgery has shown a high success rate with positive visual outcomes. Studies and reports indicate that the majority of patients who undergo Lasik eye surgery achieve excellent results in terms of vision improvement. This type of success allows patients to go back to their daily activities with no issues, having little to no need for vision aids.

But before you are qualified to opt for Lasik surgery, Lasik Surgeons will require you to follow through various qualification processes to ensure that Lasik is the best remedy for you to give you the highest chance of Lasik surgery success.

You may undergo qualifying history checks and various physical tests including, but not all:

  1. Complete History Check including medical and family history

  2. Physical Examinations that include:

    1. Visual Acuity
    2. Refraction
    3. Complete Eye Examination
    4. Lasik Testing
    5. Dry Eye Testing
    6. Contrast Sensitivity Testing
    7. Pupil Testing
    8. Tomography, Tomography, and Corneal Biomechanics
    9. Wavefront Analysis

The physical tests namely Visual Acuity and Complete Eye Examination are conducted to help surgeons determine the best course of Lasik Surgery procedure for you. Other tests like dry eye testing will help surgeons prepare you before the surgery, helping you to be in your best condition for the medical treatment.

Although there are various tests listed above, it doesn’t mean that you’ll go through all of them. Depending on the best course of Lasik surgery for you, your Lasik Surgeon may only require you to go through some, not all.

These tests are conducted to also give you and your Lasik surgeon the confidence to move forward which also means that you have a low chance of acquiring post-surgery risk and complications such as:

  1. Dry eyes

  2. Glare and Double Vision

  3. Under corrections

  4. Overcorrections

  5. Astigmatism

  6. Regression

So before moving forward with any surgery, consult with your local LASIK surgeon. They are the experts on the matter which means you are in good hands and they will only recommend a course of treatment that will give you the highest chance of Lasik surgery success.