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When it comes to LASIK surgery, most people think of it as a single, one-size-fits-all procedure. However, there are actually several different types of LASIK surgery available in the Philippines, each with its own unique approach and benefits.

Let’s explore some of the different types of LASIK surgery.


One of the most innovative types of LASIK surgery is SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extension), which is an alternative to traditional LASIK surgery. SMILE uses a specific laser to create an incision in the cornea, followed by the creation of a disk-shaped tissue within the cornea to help reshape it and correct any refractive errors. This cutting-edge procedure offers several advantages over traditional LASIK surgery, including a quicker recovery time and a decreased risk of dry eyes after surgery.


Another type of LASIK surgery is Femtosecond Bladeless LASIK, which, as the name suggests, involves no blades or needles. Instead, a laser creates a thin flap in the cornea, which is then used to reshape the corneal tissue. This type of LASIK surgery offers many benefits, including less bruising and a decreased risk of post-surgery complications. Femtosecond Bladeless LASIK is also more precise than traditional LASIK surgery, making it a popular choice for people who want the most accurate results possible.


Surface Ablation, also known as PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy), is another type of LASIK surgery that involves removing the outermost layer of the cornea and reshaping it using a laser. Unlike traditional LASIK surgery, PRK does not require an incision on the cornea before reshaping it. However, both types of surgery use the same laser to correct the shape of the cornea. PRK is a good option for people who have thinner corneas or who engage in contact sports, as it offers a lower risk of complications from the injury.


If you don’t qualify for any of the LASIK procedures listed above, phakic lens implantation may be an option for you. This procedure involves placing a special type of lens in front or behind your iris to correct any abnormal light refraction. It requires an incision but does not remove any tissue from your eye. Phakic lens implantation is typically recommended for people with severe myopia (nearsightedness) who are not good candidates for other types of LASIK surgery.

Before you decide which type of LASIK surgery is right for you, it’s important to undergo a thorough examination and discuss your options with your lasik surgeon. Your doctor can help you determine which procedure is best suited to your individual needs and goals. With the right diagnosis and careful consideration of all the available options, you can achieve the clear vision you’ve been dreaming of!

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