What does SmartSight™ treat?


Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a vision condition where objects farther away appear blurry, but near objects are clear.


Astigmatism is a vision condition that causes overall distorted or blurred eyesight. This is due to the irregularities in the shape of the cornea or lens.

What is SmartSight™?

SmartSight™ is a minimally invasive lenticule extraction. It is an advanced femtosecond laser procedure, setting itself apart by eliminating the need for a corneal flap.

Boasting intelligent eye tracking with pupil recognition and cyclotorsion compensation, the SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser creates a predefined lenticule within the corneal tissue, facilitating myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism treatment. Notably, as SmartSight™ avoids any corneal flap, it eliminates laser ablation, differentiating it from excimer lasers

During a SmartSight™ procedure, our Lasik Surgery Clinic eye expert, aided by the SCHWIND ATOS microscope, easily removes the lenticule through small access incisions without requiring the patient to change positions. The minimally invasive approach ensures a swift and comfortable treatment experience for the patient while streamlining the workflow for the eye doctor

Furthermore, the precision and gentleness of SmartSight™ make it an innovative solution for refractive corrections, furthering its role as a state-of-the-art technology in laser eye surgery.

Benefits of SmartSight™


As SmartSight™ is performed using the SCHWIND ATOS, precise treatment is ensured through the latest eye tracking, pupil recognition, and cyclotorsion compensation. The femtosecond laser, guided by the intelligent system, ensures accuracy in reshaping the cornea to achieve optimal visual outcomes.

Minimally invasive

SmartSight™ is minimally invasive and only requires a smaller incision. It is tissue-saving through optimized lenticular geometry, lowering dry eye symptoms after surgery.


With the most advanced technology, SmartSight™ eliminates the need for a corneal flap.


SmartSight™ is a painless refractive solution. Using state-of-the-art technology and precise techniques, we ensure a comfortable experience from start to finish.

Lowest Risk of Dry Eyes

With the SmartSight™ procedure, patients experience the lowest risk of dry eyes post-surgery.

Quick Recovery

The minimally invasive procedure and laser precision contribute to reduced downtime, allowing patients to resume their daily activities in as little as 1-2 days.

No more eyeglasses or contact lens

The personalized treatment process enhances the effectiveness of the procedure and contributes to superior results. After your SmartSight procedure, you can now say goodbye to eyeglasses or contact lenses and live life with better eyesight.

10-Year Comprehensive Warranty

In the rare event that another eye procedure is required, the 10-year SmartSight™ warranty offers Lasik Surgery Clinic patients a zero charge.

How Is SmartSight™ Done?

Step 1. Preparation

First, your eye is numbed with anesthetic drops.

Step 2. Predefined lenticule creation

Using the femtosecond laser, the eye doctor will create a predefined lenticule within the corneal tissue.

Step 3. Lenticule extraction

After lasering, the eye expert will smoothly remove the lenticule through the small keyhole (2mm-3mm).

Step 4. Healing Process

The eye begins to heal immediately post-procedure.

Step 5. Post-operation Checkup

The eye expert will do a follow-up checkup to ensure your eye is healing well. Subsequent visits to the Lasik Surgery Clinic is also advised.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is SmartSight™ suitable for everyone?


SmartSight™ is suitable for people with refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. However, a thorough eye evaluation is still necessary to determine the proper treatment fit for your eye condition.


How long does the SmartSight™ procedure take?


The actual lenticule extraction takes around 20 minutes for both eyes. The entire process, including preparation and post-operative care, however, may take a few hours.


Is SmartSight™ painful?


The SmartSight™ procedure is painless. Numbing eye drops are used to ensure comfort, and some may only experience minor discomfort or mild pressure in the eye. But there is definitely no pain. Moreover, your eyes may feel irritated for the first few hours after the procedure. It is suggested that you take a nap and rest your eyes for 3–4 hours for the healing process to smoothly begin.


How long is the recovery time for SmartSight™?


Improved vision is expected hours after the SmartSight™ procedure. In most cases, clear vision can be experienced, and patients can resume their daily activities after 24 hours.



20/15 VISION Smile by Lasik Surgery Clinic – AUFMC

A few days after my lasik surgery, all I can say is that this is the best decision I’ve ever made. No more squinting my eyes to read the menu or dizziness from trying so hard to visualize something. Bye-bye, old eyesight. I’m never going back!!!

So much gratitude to Doc. Owen of Lasik Surgery Clinic – AUMFC and all the nurses and other doctors who made this possible!

Will share a thorough explanation of this journey soon

Krishnah Gravidez


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