Our Story

The Lasik Surgery Clinic established itself as one of Singapore’s largest and most established eye centers before making its impact in the Philippines on October 25, 2008. We are committed to transforming lives through precision-focused refractive procedures, bringing the gift of clear vision.

Using state-of-the-art facilities equipped with advanced technology, we take pride in providing an unparalleled vision enhancement solution, ensuring you will have a clearer, brighter future.

Our team of seasoned experts, composed of experienced eye professionals, is passionate about improving your eyesight. No matter what age you are—a young child or a working adult—we understand that eyesight is a precious asset, and we approach each case with accuracy and care.

With a mission to improve your vision, The Lasik Surgery Clinic believes that seeing the world from a better perspective opens up new possibilities and enriches your daily experiences.
Located in Angeles City, Pampanga, our team of competent doctors and cutting-edge equipment ensure that all of our patients have safe and successful outcomes. We are committed to providing personalized care and the most advanced vision correction technologies to help you achieve your best vision, whether you are interested in LASIK, SmartSight, PRK, or Crosslinking.

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Our Mission

Our Reason for Being

The Lasik Surgery Clinic  is committed to deliver  ethical, safe, effective, and personalized  refractive vision correction  by utilizing state of the art technology  to improve the  quality of life of patients. 

Our Vision

Our Place in the Healthcare Industry

The Lasik Surgery Clinic  envisions to be  the premiere refractive center  through  continuous innovation,  education and research.

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