Qualifications for Implantable Contact Lens Surgery (ICL) Candidates?

Vision Stability

Candidates for Implantable Contact Lens surgery should have stable vision. This means their prescription has remained relatively unchanged for at least a year.

Healthy Eyes

Candidates should have healthy eyes, free from conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or severe dry eye syndrome.

Have No Systematic Conditions

Candidates for Implantable Contact Lens surgery should have stable vision. This means their prescription has remained relatively unchanged for at least a year.

Thin Cornea

Patients who are ineligible for LASIK surgery due to a thin cornea.

Age and Prescription

Candidates for ICL surgery should be at least 18 years old and have a prescription within the range that the procedure can correct.

What is Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery?

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery presents an innovative solution for treating severe cases of nearsightedness. Unlike traditional contact lenses, implantable contact lenses are implanted inside the eye, specifically behind the iris.

This eye procedure offers a way to correct refractive errors without altering the natural structure of the cornea. It also serves as a viable alternative for patients who may not qualify for LASIK surgery.

Benefits of Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery

Best option for severe nearsightedness

Preserves the natural shape of the cornea

Permanent but can be removed if necessary

Reduces dry eyes

Minimal risk of regression and the need for lens replacement

Provides 90% UV protection

Eliminates the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses

How is Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) done?

The ICL procedure typically takes 20–30 minutes.

Step 1. Preparation

The eye is numbed with topical anesthesia before the procedure begins.

Step 2. ICL Cartridge Insertion

Small incisions are made in the cornea to insert a tiny ICL cartridge.

Step 3. Protective Gel Application

A protective gel is applied to the eye to prevent damage during the procedure. This also helps position the lens properly.

Step 4. ICL Insertion

The implantable contact lens is inserted between the natural lens and the iris.

Step 5. Lens Concealing

Once the lens unfolds completely, its corner is tucked behind the iris to make it invisible.

Step 6. Healing Process

After the procedure, patients can immediately return home and resume activities the following day.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is implantable contact lens surgery?


Implantable contact lens (ICL) surgery involves the insertion of a thin, prescription lens inside the eye to correct vision.


What is the difference between ICL surgery and LASIK?


Unlike LASIK, which reshapes the cornea, ICL surgery does not alter the corneal surface. Instead, it involves placing a prescription lens inside the eye, specifically behind the iris. It is suitable for patients with thin or irregular corneas.


Am I a candidate for ICL surgery?


Lasik Surgery Clinic will conduct a comprehensive eye evaluation to determine your candidacy for the ICL surgery. Candidates for this procedure should have stable vision, healthy eyes, and certain refractive errors within the range that ICL can correct.


Can my ICL be removed?


The implantable contact lens is reversible, as the lens can be removed if necessary. However, you should not try to remove it yourself, and remember to discuss the potential risks and benefits with your eye doctor first.


How long do the results of ICL surgery last?


The ICL procedure provides long-term results, with many patients experiencing stable vision for years. To ensure the best results, follow-up appointments with Lasik Surgery Clinic eye experts are recommended to monitor your eye health.


How long is the recovery time after Implantable Contact Lens surgery?


Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days, although it’s important to follow post-operative care instructions provided by your eye doctor.

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